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Being a volunteer at the Carmel Farmers Markets is a very rewarding experience and a great way to meet new people- especially if you're new to the area. Here at the market, we are pretty informal and have lots of fun together! We’d love to have you join our “family” of volunteers!

Please read through the following volunteer opportunities and then think about where your talents could best be utilized. There is absolutely no experience needed and we’ll partner you with another volunteer to show you how everything works.

Market Set-up
7 - 9 AM
  • Place street signs to advertise the market as well as signs along the Monon Greenway
  • Set up several tents for use by various groups at the market
  • Set up tables and chairs for the use of our guests in the music section of Center Green
  • Deliver equipment to our free bike parking area
  • Set out trash cans
  • Sell and deliver ice to vendors who will need ice during the market
During Market
‍‍9 AM - NOON
  • 7-8 people are needed as guest ambassadors to count and greet the incoming market visitors
  • 2-3 people are needed to run the Carmel Farmers Markets Committee Tent, selling merchandise, answering  guest questions and running our “Somewhat Automated” Cash service
  • 1-2 people are needed to monitor the trash cans and replace the bags as needed
  • 1 person to act as liaison with our sponsors
  • 1 person to feed Social Media
  • 1 person to supervise, train and mentor both new and experienced volunteers
Market Tear-Down
NOON - 1:00 PM
  • Remove signs from the streets and Monon Greenway
  • Pick up items from the bike area which is managed by teens from the Mayor’s Youth Council
  • Place all tables and chairs from the music area on the trailer
  • Take down all tents that were used
  • Empty trash cans, deposit bags in the dumpster and return all trash cans to the trailer
  • Store everything back in the garage
Additional Volunteer opportunities
Vendor Relations Committee

This committee helps our vendors on a weekly basis with any concerns they may have. Additionally, we visit the kitchen or farm of approximately 60% of our vendors each year. We LOVE visiting our vendors to better understand and see what their hard work brings to the market. This committee is also responsible for collecting contracts and paperwork, assigning booth spaces and the annual Vendor Appreciation Dinner.


This group of volunteers is in charge of making sure that all of our equipment is always in good working order.


We need a person or several people to take photos at the market for our Social Media and to record our market days.


We need one or two people to compile information and send out our weekly newsletter to the more than 1,500 people who receive this communication.

Social Media

We need a couple of people to “advertise” the Carmel Farmers Markets on Facebook Twitter and Instagram on a regular basis to keep our guests informed.

Carmelfest Float Committee

Each July 4th, the Carmel Farmers Market enters a float in the Carmelfest Parade. It is a lot of work, but great fun, to put together our float every year. Come join this group, and you can actually be in the parade!

Sourcing Musical Groups

Each week, we have a musical group provide entertainment to our guests in the Amphitheater at Center Green. There is a committee that selects a variety of musical groups for the listening pleasure of all who attend the market.

Sponsor Liaison

Each week, there is a volunteer who is assigned to be the liaison to our sponsors. This person is responsible for making sure that the sponsors have all of the equipment that they will need for the day and basically answering any questions that the sponsors may have.

Volunteer Coordinator

This person is responsible for sourcing new volunteers for our markets. This person works with the Volunteer Liaison.

As you can see, there are many volunteer possibilities. We would love to have you join us in whichever capacity best fits your interest and time frame. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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