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Join us at the Summer Market at Carter Green,
every Saturday from May 1 through Sept. 25,  8:00 AM to 11:30 AM
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Watch how our volunteers transform the Green into one of the best farmers markets in the nation.
Let's stay safe this summer
We continue to believe that our Market is the safest, and most pleasant place, for you and your family to shop. We succeeded in making that a reality last summer when we had over 70,000 visitors. We are pleased we have not been notified of one single case of the C19 Virus coming from the Market.

With this in mind, we are not requiring social distancing or wearing of masks at this time. They are not mandatory for guests, volunteers, or vendor personnel. However, we strongly suggest that all do wear masks for the time being. We also suggest that all people involved with the Market respect the right of all others to make their own choice. No one should feel they have the right to disrespect another for wearing or not wearing a mask.

While we are discussing ways to help us all keep safe, please look for, and follow, our one-way signs. By following the one-way traffic pattern, you will find there is much less traffic congestion. And you can see more of what each vendor has to sell. 

Best regards on behalf of all of our volunteers,

Ron Carter
Carmel Farmers Market Committee

Tickets still available!

Be Part of the Inaugural Carmel Farmers Market Farm Tour!
Wed, September 18, 2019; 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Click here for more info and tickets.


Specials Events and Music have been placed on hold until later this summer.
Our Producers

Our vendors create some of the most beautiful and delicious treats in Indiana and you can learn how! Stop by any of the booths to chat with our friendly merchants.


Visit us for breakfast or lunch, while listening to live music from the Carmel Rotary Amphitheater. Check out our scheduled lineup of talented musicians and entertainers.


The Carmel Farmers Markets are home to fabulous family-friendly community days such as the Carmel Firehouse Cook-Off, Jim Keckley Donut Day and a VeggieArt contest.

At the Market

this week

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Katherine Nagy
September 28, 2019
Katherine Nagy is a songwriter and singer and currently lives in Indianapolis with her husband and 3 children.

IU Health North Hospital -
Cancer Services

September 28, 2019
Team members will be onsite providing information about the new Joe & Shelly Schwarz Cancer Center at IU Health North Hospital – opening January 2020.

Vendor Quality

Certified Kitchens

The Carmel Farmers Market would like our guests to know a little about what we as a committee do behind the scenes, to ensure that you are getting the best products at our market weekly. EVERY vendor who sells prepared foods at the Carmel Farmers Market MUST use a kitchen that is certified and inspected by the County Health Department. Food safety and quality are top on our list for our guests. We do not allow home-based vendors at our market. Annually, we visit approximately 75% of our vendors, on a rotating basis, in their kitchens and on their farms. What an exciting adventure it is to be able to see what each vendor makes/grows/raises to provide our guests with the freshest products possible! If you have any questions or to learn more about any of our vendors, visit our committee tent (bright green tent) for more details.
Carmel Farmers Market

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