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The Nuttie Co.

Vendor Story
Carmel, IN
Nut butters

The Story Behind The Nuttie Co.

The Nuttie Co. was created out of Bri and Adam's mutual pursuit to structure their lives in pursuit of holistic health and sustainability. While in the midst of a job transition, Bri sat down at the dining table with some apple slices and a fresh batch of homemade peanut butter - the same recipe she had been making since her early college years. Tired of job hunting and finding little that fit her passions and ultimate goals, she was hit with the idea to make this peanut butter accessible to the community by jarring it up and selling it at the local farmers market. She texted Adam and proposed this crazy concept, mostly as a joke, but from the moment he responded with, "Give me one good reason why we can't do this," they hit the ground running.

The name came to them almost immediately. This quirky couple had a big dream to start a business selling the most delicious and healthy nut butters in the midwest, so the dual meaning behind The Nuttie Co. was all they needed to adore it - nuttie couple, nuttie company. Within a week, they had become a registered LLC, applied to the Carmel Winter Farmer's Market, and perfected their four signature nut butter recipes. Once they eagerly accepted the offer to become vendors at the market, they partnered up with a local graphic designer to create the personality of the brand and completed all necessary legal work to ensure that The Nuttie Co. was most qualified and prepared to offer a reliable and credible product.

Since the company has launched, Adam and Bri have found immense value in connecting with their community on a weekly basis, and in providing a product they are proud to serve, knowing that they are aiding in the work of restoring health to our bodies and the environment. They hold to their unwavering values to source only whole, natural and, as much as possible, certified organic ingredients. Additionally, they have implemented a jar exchange program where you can return your empty jar for $0.50 off your next jar of nut butter, because adding a new product to the market doesn't have to mean adding new waste to landfills.

You can follow The Nuttie Co's journey on Instagram (@thenuttieco) and on Facebook (The Nuttie Co.), and you can come out and visit them at the Carmel Winter Farmer's Market all season long!