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Tall Girl Specialty Pasta

Vendor Story
Indianapolis, Indiana
Fresh pasta
(479) 414-7729

Back in the early years of 2000, my mom bought me a home pasta maker and shipped it to me in Arkansas. After a first attempt, my son and I agreed it was a complete FAIL and I tossed it in the cabinet. Fast forward about 5 – 6 years and a move to the Oklahoma City area and I decided to dust it off and give it another try and the end result was much different – it was amazingly good!

Tall Girl Specialty Pasta started in that kitchen in a house in a park at a lake.  After talking with friends and offering them some of the pasta made in that kitchen, most all of them suggested I sell the pasta I made. I took a leap of faith and contacted a food prep/catering kitchen to see if I could rent kitchen space. She said yes and with assistance of my parents, I purchased a commercial sheeter and became an official licensed manufacturer. Researching recipes, I tweaked the basic recipe to add flavors before flavors became popular. Selling at the local farmers market I offered flavored, dried fettuccine and it was very well received.

After a couple years I decided to take another leap and purchased my first extruder and started selling fresh, not dried, pasta. This took things up another level and sales at the market started to grow almost faster than I could keep up. Within two years, another upgrade to the equipment happened and within a couple more years, I added pasta salads and pasta-based meals. I even got one of my salads onto the campus of Oklahoma State University (go Pokes!).

In the fall of 2021, I had another big life change that brought me back to Indiana. It took me about nine months to find, and get certified, in a commercial kitchen. I am now at a point I am on the verge of taking my out-of-control hobby to a more permanent state. I love selling at farmers markets and having interaction with customers. I was telling someone just the other day about the enthusiasm people have coming to my booth as I provide a unique product that people have welcomed with open arms and mouths, I just love it!

I miss my customers and friends in Oklahoma but I am happy to be beach home again in Indiana and a part of the Carmel Farmers Market. Find us on the west end, right in the middle and be on the lookout to watch us grow! Thank you SO much for welcoming me to Carmel and hope to meet you soon.