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St. Athanasius

Vendor Story
Indianapolis, Indiana
Baked goods

St. Athanasius opened its doors in Indianapolis in 1980. Their baked goods are prepared in St. Mary’s Hall behind the rectory of the church. They have a volunteer group of three main participants and about 10 others who volunteer occasionally. They have been with the Carmel Farmers Market 19 of our 20 years!! They joined the market to provide native Eastern European foods and to raise funds for the church. They strongly believe in spreading the Gospel through their Christian living and interaction with the public. They share their Eastern European heritage through their ethnic foods…Slovak, Polish, Italian and, of course, American.

After attending a church service at 7 AM, they begin preparing recipes at about 9 AM and continue until they are finished, which is often 7 PM or even midnight! Some of the products that they sell at the Carmel Farmers Market include: Potica rolls, Kolachy pastries, Pierogi, Biscotti, PIzzelles, pumpkin rolls, waffles, protein bars, Halushky, Paska bread and a variety of cookies.

All new products that have been introduced in the last 10 years have been nutrient-dense, healthy foods. Their goal is to provide unique and healthy options for health-conscious patrons as well as those who enjoy the traditional sweeter choices.