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Pure Eating Way

Vendor Story
Indianapolis, Indiana
Whole Food Plant-Based Company
(317) 437-8019

Pure Eating Way started out as a necessity for us.

We just wanted to eat well and be healthy. Finding where to go out to eat was a hassle and the ready made options at the grocery for vegans was full of oils and ingredients that we could not pronounce! We wanted awesome, tasty and whole foods if we were going to continue this lifestyle. The challenge was on!  I LOVE to cook and Bryan was happy to be the taste tester. So.... Pure Eating Way was born right in our own kitchen! The journey was on. Who knew our little cooking sessions would lead us to our passion and purpose!

We are committed to a lifestyle of Pure eating and clean living.

Our food is created with your physical health in mind as well as the satisfaction of your tastebuds.

Our food is free of animal products, oils, artificial ingredients, processed foods, and ingredients that you cannot pronounce. That is why we say we are a step above vegan. We even coined our own name for us, Pureatarian!

We use the plant from the root to the tip and nothing goes to waste. Wake up your taste buds and feel great about indulging in our diverse and delicious menus. We focus on the Food, the Whole Food and nothing but the Food! We do meal delivery, catering, virtual cooking classes and more.

We are Fishers based and you can find us at the Carmel Farmer's Market every Saturday rain or shine.

We have our original and cinnamon biscuits, jams, relishes and marinades and NEW to the winter market are our trio of tacos!!

As always, free of all animal products, oils, bleached flours, refined sugars, and any artificial ingredients. We are vegan friendly and go the extra mile for clean, pure food.

Come say hi to Bryan and I and take a 10 pack of tacos home and a dozen biscuits for breakfast on Sunday!