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Phelps Family Farm

Vendor Story
Ladoga, Indiana
Pasture Raised & Free-Range Pork, Beef, and Eggs

Phelps Family Farm is located in southeast Montgomery County.  It consists of 365 acres of rolling pasture, wooded, and tillable land perfect for a diversified farm such as ours.  I am a fourth generation farmer, so we know what it takes to raise healthy, happy animals.  The good Lord has blessed our family and our farm.  I hope we can be your farm fresh provider and your friends.

Our cattle are very healthy and are gaining weight in an appropriate natural time frame.  Growth hormones are not used in our cattle.  We have beef available throughout the year as well as half beeves for your freezer. We look forward to supplying you with high quality beef.

Our pigs are outside grazing and rooting – the way the Creator intended.

Nothing better than pork burgers on the grill!

We have approximately 1000 laying hens.  These hens are free-range (eating bugs and grass with a little grain).  No antibiotics are used in our chickens.Try a dozen of farm fresh brown eggs today.  You’ll notice the difference!