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No Label at The Table

Vendor Story
Carmel, Indiana
Gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan baked goods

No Label at The Table is a gluten and dairy free food company whose mission is to employ and provide job skill training to people on the autism spectrum. The company was started when the owner’s (Shelly Hensley) son turned 18 and was transitioning to adulthood. Jacob wanted to be a chef in a restaurant, but his parents knew that with his verbal skills, he would most likely be relegated to the dishwasher. Jacob has an incredible palate as well as amazing process and detail skills. With much hope and hard work, his parents decided to make his dream come true and give other people’s children meaningful work.

No Label at The Table is not a charity or a nonprofit. The employees are responsible for the company’s growth. All 15 employees, who are all on the autism spectrum, earn a wage. Shelly’s philosophy is, “Include everyone at your table. See the able, not the label.”

Their products include pre-packaged gluten and dairy free baked goods which are made in a gluten and dairy free kitchen. Some items are also vegan. Their store and kitchen are located at 111 West Main Street, Suite 145 in Carmel. All tasks in the bakery are process driven and broken down into individual tasks.

No Label at The Table has been with the Carmel Farmers Market since the summer of 2017. Participating in the market was a first step in their larger plan. Shelly strongly believes that she has the greatest job on the planet, because by putting others to work. She is giving the opportunity to live the American to all!