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Mission Coffee

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Central Indiana
Arabic coffee

Our coffee is grown in the mountains of northern Panama in rich volcanic soil that allows the coffee to thrive. Hard-bean Arabica Typica and Arabica Geisha are picked by hand and dried outdoors. This eco-friendly method imparts a lush creaminess to the coffee. The coffee beans are then gently roasted using computer-controlled roasting equipment.

While the high altitudes in many of these developing countries are ideal for producing great coffee, it’s a source of systemic poverty in many areas. At Mission Coffee, we purchase direct from farmers at retail prices rather than wholesale, and then resell in the United States, providing an immediate contribution on the front end. We maintain relationships with growers, investing in their community while still providing the highest-caliber coffee available.


We believe that good coffee is a full-circle experience. Ours begins on a farm, high up in the mountains of Panama, tended by people we know and call by name. And it ends in your cup, where you can taste the quality, care and craftsmanship that our coffee is known for.

Our beans are grown on a mission in northern Panama where medical services are provided to a people ravaged by systemic poverty and its effects. We purchase our Arabica beans at retail prices to help fund and sustain the indigenous workers and break the cycle of agricultural enslavement.

We use state-of-the-art roasting equipment, carefully controlling the process to preserve the smooth, extraordinary flavors of the region. When you drink Mission Coffee, you drink to health, well-being and a pathway out of poverty.