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Lindy's Cookies

Vendor Story
Carmel, Indiana

Lindy’s baking journey began with raising five sons who all wanted to play sports and take music lessons, but money was tight. So, each of the boys took their turn “owning” the cookie business out of their home. They would each go door to door passing out samples of their mom’s sugar cookies and then take orders. Lindy would then go to work baking for friends and family to help each of the boys raise money to then be able to participate in activities.

Over time, the boys started to leave the nest, and Lindy realized she really did love to bake, and her cookies started to gain popularity! Lindy has baked almost 80,000 of these amazing cookies over the past 20 years! What began as a fun way to help her five sons make money so they could be involved in extracurricular activities, eventually grew to be a thriving in-home business that Lindy began in 2016. It quickly became more than a hobby!

In the fall of 2018, business owners Lindy, Lisa and Amy met during a production of Mary Poppins. Lindy (ensemble), Lisa (Mary Poppins) and Amy (Bird Woman, ensemble) formed a special friendship that continued to deepen beyond the final curtain call. Within two weeks of the show coming to an end, Amy approached Lindy and Lisa with an idea of starting a business together, and she asked if they would be willing to see where this adventure would take them. They said a resounding YES!

Since Lindy already had a thriving home-based cookie business, they thought this would be a great place to start. There had been a limit to what Lindy could do because it was just her with one oven. Now that she has joined forces with Lisa and Amy, they can bring more joy to more people. They love helping their customers celebrate the people in their lives and commemorate events that hold special meaning. Lindy’s cookies are made at the Carmel City Kitchen in Carmel.

Their mission is about more than a cookie. Their logo states “joy in a box.” So no matter what part of the process of Lindy’s Cookies that we get to do, we keep in mind that we get to deliver joy to people through our cookies and through our love and appreciation for our customers. They joy on peoples’ faces when they see our cookies and taste them brings great joy to us.