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Hoosier Knife Sharpening

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Carmel, Indiana
Knife sharpening

During my time in culinary school, I witnessed hundreds of student chefs struggle to keep their knives sharp. In a production kitchen, where you are constantly using and dulling your knives, a chef has to keep a constant watch over the sharpness of their blade. I have observed that many chefs don't have the proper equipment or training to keep and hold the edge that they desire. Many try, but most have learned to sharpen by watching the flawed techniques of others, who they assume know how to keep an edge. Others believe that if they wildly slap their knives against a sharpening steel (Don't do that!), they will have an optimal edge. Many home cooks fall for the many useless and sometimes harmful gadgets sold on television and in most box stores. Most are left with a set of dull knives, which they just replace with a new one every 5-10 years, out of frustration. A quality knife should last decades and some a lifetime, if properly cared for.

When I sought out a professional sharpener in Indianapolis to put a better than factory edge on my high end knives, I was unable to find a service that I would trust them with. My only solid choice was to send them across the country by mail-order, leaving me without my knives and worrying that they may be lost in shipping. That is when I decided that this area is in need of a chef-owned culinary sharpening company. There are some that know how to sharpen knives, but few that know the expectations of the user better than a chef. I hope I exceed your expectations!

At Hoosier Culinary Sharpening, we believe that waterstones provide the best possible edge that will meet the demand of our very demanding clientele. We use a water-cooled Tormek T7 sharpening wheel to reshape the bevel and an F. Dick 2-stage sharpener to remove the burr and polish to a high grit edge. We believe that each knife should be sharpened to its ideal angle, and honed to perfection. We guarantee all sharpenings.