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Groomsville Popcorn

Vendor Story
Tipton County, Indiana

Groomsville Popcorn is grown on our family’s 5th generation farm in Tipton County, Indiana.

We take great pride in growing a healthy snack from non-GMO popcorn seed in the rich soil of Tipton County. Our bounty has been a genuine blessing and we’re thankful we can share a portion of it with you.

Our ancestors moved to the area in the 1800’s, not long after Tipton became an officially recognized county

Our farm is recognized by the state as a Hoosier Homestead Farm, which means its been in the same family over 100 years.  Dad grew up in the house his great grandfather built in 1900.  Surprising by today’s standards, the barn was built first in 1899 to protect the highly prized and life giving livestock most settlers had to have to simply sustain a well-rounded diet.  Parts of that barn are preserved on the farm and serve as a vivid reminder of the heritage our forefathers bring to us.

Groomsville’s ancestors were even involved in popcorn production in the early part of the 20th century.  It was a time when popcorn production was in it’s infancy and just beginning to catch on as an affordable but tasty snack food.