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Eat Surreal

Vendor Story
Indianapolis, Indiana
Whole food spreads
(317) 200-7033

Eat Surreal in an independent, woman-owned small business based in Indianapolis, Indiana that specializes in small-batch spreads and salads made from whole-food ingredients.

How it all started:

"I am first and foremost a foodie," says owner Brittney Baxter. She's always been passionate about feeding people real, whole foods and always wanted to be an entrepreneur. "During the pandemic I got the gumption to create a food product line because all my other food business ideas revolved around strangers getting together," says Baxter. "So, when thinking about food products, I wanted to create something that everyone could eat and enjoy together despite dietary differences."

"You can even say it's a school safe snack!"

"Most dairy-free cheese products are nut-based and I saw an opportunity to make a different option. The thought of folks out there with nut allergies who also choose dairy-free called to me. And gluten-free was easy to execute in our spreads with ingredients like Tamari, so we're able to serve that need as well without sacrificing flavor.

Eat surreal comes from the love of eating we all share and the confidence that comes from eating whole food ingredients. We serve those looking to have a ready-made snack or addition to a menu item that they feel good about eating and can serve particular ingredient needs - to be dairy-free, nut-free, and gluten-free."