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Circle Kombucha

Vendor Story
Indianapolis, Indiana

Circle City Kombucha was started when three friends came together in 2015, wanting to create a healthy alternative to soda and energy drinks for their fellow Midwesterners. They believed that Midwesterners were willing to change and make healthy choices if only those choices were readily available and on the shelves and taps in front of them.

Kombucha is fermented tea that is lightly effervescent and, in the case of Circle City Kombucha, sweetened and flavored with in-season, 100% organic fruit juice that is sourced in Indiana, if it grows here, or sourced indigenously if it isn’t, going straight to the region where the fruit is naturally grown (pomegranates from Turkey, for example).  Kombucha is packed with probiotics, which are live bacteria and yeast that benefit the digestive system.  Some claim that drinking kombucha can lead to improved digestion, detoxification, enhanced energy, and weight loss.

Circle City Kombucha’s best-selling flavors are their house flavors, which they brew year-round - pomegranate, ginger-lemon, and peach blossom.  They also roll out seasonal releases when certain fruits are in-season, like strawberry rhubarb, watermelon thyme, and concord grape.

Even though Circle City Kombucha is available in grocery stores, coffee shops, and bars around town, they love being a part of farmers markets because that’s how they engage with the community and build a loyal following that appreciates local food artisans.