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Albright Farms

Vendor Story
Beef, Lamb & Hog

Billy Albright had a lifelong dream of owning a farm and in 2015, after retiring from the Army, he found some land and the story began. Beginning with a small herd of 3 cattle, the plan was to just raise enough to feed their family. Friends and family that tasted their beef loved it, and soon they learned that there was a high demand for beef that was local and pasture-raised with no steroids, antibiotics nor hormones. They have since grown to nearly 60 head of cattle, and they have expanded into raising lambs and seasonal hogs.

Billy does most of the farm work himself with just some help from family members at times. Yes, farm days begin early (5AM!) to check on all of the animals. Feeding and watering them all takes quite a bit of time. Billy and Claire have always supported local farmers, so once they began selling their meats, it was a natural step to join local farmers’ markets. Their mission and goal is to bring healthy meat that is raised naturally and tastes delicious to their customers.

Billy will be selling beef, lamb and pork at the Carmel Farmers Market. Billy is truly “hands on”, as he helps with nearly all of the calf deliveries on the farm. Just a couple of weeks ago, he helped deliver a set of twin calves!

Albright Farms joined the Carmel Farmers Markets this past winter season. They are very much looking forward to being at our summer market. Their farm is located in Pittsboro.