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Walking Waffle Company

Vendor Story
Carmel, Indiana
Warm Liege waffles

If you’ve never tried a walking waffle, or worse yet, never heard of a walking waffle, you don’t know what you are missing! A walking waffle is a Liege waffle, which is a waffle made from yeast raised dough (rather than batter) and pearl sugar. The waffles are served with fresh fruit and other toppings.  

Mark and Stephanie Lewis started their company 11 years ago as a way to get their kids involved with something at the Carmel Farmers Market. Their 4 children spent every Saturday at the market helping the Salsa Queen, their grandmother. It seemed like a good way to get them involved in their own venture and to teach them valuable lessons. They saw Liege waffles in Cincinnati, and it was suggested that it would be a great addition to the Carmel Farmers Market. The entire family is involved in the business, although they do have a few extra helpers each weekend.

All of the dough for their waffles is made one day a week, and the toppings are prepared on another day. Their goal is to provide the freshest waffles with the best customer service. The waffles can also be shipped. They have been shipped as far away as Oregon. The Walking Waffle Company has been with the Carmel Farmers Market for 11 years.