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Urban Vines

Vendor Story
Westfield, Indiana

Noah Herron, owner of Urban Vines, had been making wine at his home, but decided that it was time to take the next step. In 2016, five acres of land was purchased in Westfield, and the journey to open a winery began!

Urban Vines sells all types of wine…from red to white, dry to sweet and cider as well. They currently grow two acres of grapes and produce over 25,000 gallons of wine each year! As one would imagine, every day is a new journey at the winery. There is always plenty of work for the 25 employees. Wine is always being made in their tanks and barrels. Additionally the wine is tested every day as decisions are made as to how the wine should taste. It is constantly a learning process, as they are committed to always improving their wine.  

Noah has a Bio Chemistry degree from IU, which made a perfect match for him to utilize the skills that he learned in college while making wine.

Urban Vines has been with the Carmel Farmers Market since the summer of 2018. Noah believes that farmers markets are a great way to reach a new audience and provide convenience to their customers. By starting slowly, their goal is to create a great product and have people tell others about their wonderful wines.