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SurReal Farms

Vendor Story
Westfield, Indiana
(317) 867-1300

SurReal Farms began initially as an alpaca breeding operation in 2004. We diversified into growing blackberries in 2013 and have a 29 acre property in Westfield. We currently have five acres in blackberries which are primarily distributed commercially to local and regional grocery outlets. A small portion of our crop is used by Blackhawk Winery in Sheridan to make an excellent blackberry wine. Although not officially organic, our operation is run as sustainably as possible with minimal use of pesticides. Harvest is typically from late June through early August.

2020 marks our first foray into direct sale to consumers locally and we could not be more excited to participate in the Carmel Farmers’ Market. The blackberries we bring each week will be just 2-3 days old and will have an outstanding flavor profile. Our fruit will always be harvested at the peak of freshness and makes for excellent use in jams, cobblers and pies, ice cream as well as our favorite use—snacking!