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Skillington Farms

Vendor Story
Lebanon, Indiana
Breakfast foods, smoothies and more!

Stan Skillington started a farm in 1997 with grass-fed beef and pastured chicken for his family and a few others in Lebanon, IN. Eventually, they raised turkeys. He began selling at local farmers markets, where sales were good. At the same time, they began making their own sausage and their Swiss Honey Bread, used in grilling breakfast sandwiches to order at the markets. They were a big hit! These sandwiches consist of their own breakfast sausage, fresh eggs, cheddar cheese, all grilled on their own Swiss Honey Bread. They also sell breakfast wraps with the same ingredients (and the addition of peppers, onion and salsa) on a soft tortilla. Additionally, they sell their hand made Swiss Honey Bread, four varieties of fruit smoothies, as well as their pies, which are available at the winter market.  

During his business career, Stan traveled frequently to Europe, and he fell in love the European breads. When returning home, he worked and worked on a recipe that he believes is as good as or better than anything that he ate in Europe. Thus, their Swiss Honey Bread was born!

Stan decided to participate in farmers markets as a way to reach people with their products. They employ 13-15 part time employees, including several of their children. Their goal is to give fantastic attention to detail with uncompromising quality. Everything that they sell should have extraordinary flavor for the best experience possible. Skillington Farms has been with the Carmel Farmers Market for 13 years.