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Guacamole & More

Vendor Story
Indianapolis, Indiana
Guacamole, salsas and more!
(317) 496-7061


At Guacamole and More, we believe:

  • Eating healthy is living healthy. That's why we don't use any preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.
  • Eating fresh is better than processed. That is why we chop our vegetables one day before the farmers markets. Then we finish the preparation at the markets in front of your eyes!
  • Using fresh ingredients is a key to a great flavor. That's why we make everything from scratch.


At Guacamole and More, we care about our planet:

  • We compost our waste.
  • We return cartons, boxes and plastic produce cages to producers and suppliers for them to prepare our next order.​
  • We reduce, reuse, recycle.
  • We constantly monitor our processes to save water and energy.


At Guacamole and More, we are forward thinking!

  • We strive to bring our customers great tasting, FRESH and ALL-NATURAL treats that fit into your healthy lifestyle!​​
  • We are making our products available through more farmers markets and festivals so everyone can have their world guac'ed!