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Sheridan, Indiana
Organic produce, herbs and Elderberry syrup

Hi! We are Kyle & Stacey Heiny! A married couple/team who are just trying to change the world one day at a time.

It all started well over ten years ago, when we planted our first garden. Stacey was already into healthy living and eating whole plant foods, but the reward of growing, harvesting and eating our very own produce was an experience that changed the way we look at food.

Each year we improved on our growing techniques and learned a lot about how to manage pests, help plants thrive and what it takes to do it well in an organic and sustainable manner.

We continued learning about living a plant based lifestyle along with how herbs and being outside in nature can help us thrive in life.

In 2014, we purchased our farm on a leap of faith, in hopes to grow organic herbs, flowers, and produce on a larger scale.

Fast forward to today, we look forward to serving our local community with our organic produce, some flowers & herbs, and Stacey's amazing foods. We are well known for our immune boosting micro batch Elderberry Syrup that's loaded with vitamin C, antioxidants, and local raw honey.

We take pride in educating people on holistic living and natural ways to heal with herbs and what mother nature provides for us.

Since the first day we purchased our farm, we’ve made it our mission to deliver organically grown produce and healthy plant based foods and we have accomplished that. We are at several local Farmers markets and ship our amazing Elderbery Syrup nationwide.

Each year we add a little more so if there's something you want us to grow, let us know!

Welcome to our 1st Generation, Organically rooted, Plant Based farm in central Indiana 🌿🌱