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Doud Orchards

Vendor Story
Denver, Indiana
(765) 985-3937

For one hundred-twenty years, Doud Orchards has been helping people say "Thank You" by growing and providing delicious, healthy apples.  Doud Orchards is located in the heart of Hoosierland-- Denver, Indiana, 10 miles north of Peru.

The family business began with Lorenzo Doud, who, in 1843, moved to Miami County from New York to farm 80 acres of Indian Reserve land.  Around 1885, Brenson Doud and his wife Ida took over the farm and planted the first commercial orchard in 1894.  The orchard consisted of 10 acres with such varieties as Tulpehocken, Rambo, Vandevere Pippin and Strawberry.

In 1914, Lorenzo, Brenson's eldest son, expanded the orchard to 20 acres.  He became known as one of the most progressive fruit growers in Indiana.  Lorenzo began shipping produce to eastern cities as well as continuing to sell locally.  In 1933, Lorenzo and brother Wilbert converted the remaining land to orchard.  L.V. and W.W. managed the orchard together until W.W. passed away in 1946.   L.V. managed the orchard until his death in 1959 when Jim Doud, son of W.W. Doud, assumed management of the orchard.   In 1967, Lorne, son of L.V., took over management of the orchard and introduced many new varieties of apples.  

Steven “Steve” Doud, son of Lorne, and his wife Connie took over management in 1994 and continued to expand the varieties of apples grown at Doud Orchards.  Although Steve and Connie retired from managing the orchard in 2010, Steve and Connie resumed management of the orchard in 2014.  Today, Doud Orchards is the second oldest orchard in Indiana and currently produces, on sixty-seven acres, over a hundred different varieties of quality, tree-ripened apples.   Doud’s strive to provide a homegrown alternative to mass merchandised produce.  Doud Orchards also uses integrated pest management practices to reduce chemical usage and maintain a healthy orchard environment.