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Café Baby

Vendor Story
Indianapolis, Indiana
Baby Food & Delivery

Café Baby began after Jeannie and her husband had their first child. Jeannie had always been passionate about healthy eating and leery of canned and processed foods. She knew that she wanted to make her own baby food, but she also realized how time consuming the process would be as a full time working parent. Jeannie knew that this would be a challenge. Her dream was to deliver freshly prepared baby foods to one’s doorstep. After many discussions with her mother, Café Baby was born!

Their menu consists of three age-based puree menus, a toddler menu and a bakery that serves snacks and lactation cookies for nursing moms. Café Baby sells fruit, vegetable and dinner purées from the three age-based menus, toddler finger foods, snacks, muffins and lactation cookies.  

A typical day finds Jeannie’s mom, Sherri, in the kitchen preparing food. Jeannie’s typical day is spent working on marketing, administration, finance and meeting with people. Neither one had previous business experience. Sherri was a court reporter and Jeannie was an architect.

Café Baby has been with the Carmel Farmers Market for three years, and they enjoy the opportunity to bring fresh baby food that is free of chemicals and preservatives to their customers.