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Ash & Elm Cider Company

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Indianapolis, Indiana
Craft Cider
(317) 600-3164

Our Story

Ash & Elm Cider Co. was opened in the summer of 2016 by husband and wife team Aaron and Andréa Homoya. Cider became their passion after a trip to Ireland when they sampled some ciders that opened their eyes to the variety and sophistication of the beverage. After their return, Aaron - already an avid beer and wine maker - started crafting ciders as well, and it didn’t take long before it was his sole focus. They realized that Indianapolis didn’t have much of a cider scene, and thought that their approach to cider could interest people locally as well as help usher in a new generation of cidermakers and drinkers in the state.

As a company, Ash & Elm Cider Co. strives to make quality ciders using apples from around the Midwest and to help cultivate the market for craft cider in Indianapolis. Each cider we make - from traditional heirloom-apple blends to more modern and esoteric styles - uses fresh-pressed apple juice that is never from concentrate and uses all-natural ingredients. We hand-peel every lemon that goes into Fleeting Youth; we use real fruit infusions in our fruited ciders instead of syrups or fruit concentrates; we crush, toast, and blend whole spices into our spiced ciders like Autumntide and Marigold. Though we release a wide range of styles, you’ll know you’re drinking an Ash & Elm Cider Co. cider by our focus on making complex, drinkable, apple-forward ciders.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission as a company is to lead the way in building Indiana into a cider state. We will accomplish this by educating our customers about what cider is and the potential that it holds as an historical and international beverage that is undergoing a rapid evolution in the hands of modern cidermakers. More cider enthusiasts will help us achieve our vision of supporting local and regional orchards, providing opportunities for them to expand their revenue streams and reach new customers.

We don’t approach cider as a zero-sum game. Since we opened in 2016, other cideries have opened across the state, which we love seeing and supporting. More people drinking craft, locally made ciders increases the strength of the cider industry across the board. We want to expand the tent of cidermakers and drinkers and build Indiana into a cider state.

Community Involvement

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Since our founding, we have striven to support our community through our business as much as we can. By buying apples from local orchards for our cider and sourcing ingredients and specialty products from other Indianapolis-based businesses for our kitchen, we are able to partner with like-minded companies and recirculate our profits through our community. Some of our local partners include Tuttle Orchards, Beasley’s Orchard, Gomez BBQ, Paramount School of Excellence, Amelia’s Bread, Gordon’s Ice Cream, Growing Places Indy, and Tlaolli Mexican Cuisine.

We also give back by supporting local nonprofits and causes that are important to us and our staff. In order to have the largest impact, we focus our donations and contributions in the following areas: organizations that support the redevelopment and revitalization of the Near Eastside of Indianapolis; the arts; sustainability and conservation of natural resources; criminal justice reform and ex-offender support programs. Some of our nonprofit partners include The Damien Center, NEAR, Englewood CDC, Woodruff Place, Cottage Home, and Brookside Park Neighborhood Associations, IndyHUB, The Audubon Society, and the Indiana Native Plant Society.