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Indianapolis, Indiana
Venezuelan arepas

Edwin Marrugo, owner of Arepas, launched his business in 2018. At this point, Arepas is run by three people—Edwin, his mother Miriam and his wife Jeannie, who is also the co-owner of Café Baby.

Both Edwin and Miriam were born in Venezuela and grew up eating arepas daily. Arepas are precooked corn-based pitas sliced open and full of tasty fillings. Everything is made fresh at the market. Typically, they arrive 1.5 hours before the opening of the market to prepare both the arepas and the fresh fillings.

Their business started as a dream a couple of years ago. They wanted to create a business to provide Hoosiers with their favorite Venezuelan dish. Arepas became a vendor with the Carmel Farmers Market in the winter of 2018. Our farmers market has afforded them the opportunity to get in touch with local people to introduce them to this Venezuelan delight. They are proud to be a farmers market based business.